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wired VOIP over 3G mobile broadband Options
#1 Posted : Saturday, February 12, 2011 3:05:32 PM
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Just thought I would share my discovery if anybody else has been wondering or spending as long as I have in trying to achieve what I am about to say:

Problem, workshop internet rental a month is £20 + VAT + 1p/mb usage.
as you can imagine this is a little expensive!
I was using the fixed line for the IP Phone (grandstream GXP2000 with 2 lines) for internet I was using a Vodafone dongle as I am almost right under a repeater.

Wondered if it’s possible to run the phone via the 3G dongle to save me the stupidly high priced internet prices.

discovery of problem:Tried for a very long time to get full communications working with Vodafone, but the most I could get was one way audio or not registering and the line being hit and miss. A short discussion with an IT geek concluded that Vodafone use several NATs on their system and looking at the subnet I was getting on the dongle of I knew I was behind at least one NAT before the real world.. after much reading, read about using STUN servers to log the NAT translations.. again this didn’t really work either.

I took a bit of a gamble and purchased the mifi from three with the idea that they had a 14 day money if it doesn’t do what you expected.. I also found out that three do not stop VOIP or SKYPE traffic and include this with their call package (unlike some other providers who charge for SKYPE traffic in an addition to standard internet usage.)
So now on three using a mifi and at the moment through the server wifi bridge to the wired LAN out to a switch and as well as other computers the phone.. works great no glitching and where I am is well within the higher speed network and am uniformly getting 5mb/s download and 1.5mb/s upload! The only down side that initially caused problems is that three block port 25, luckily my email provider can also use port 2525.
I believe that O2 wireless mobile also works as they support VPN indicating they are not behind lots of NATs however in their terms states that they do not permit streaming audio or video on this service. They are also more expensive than three.
#2 Posted : Tuesday, October 29, 2013 3:00:09 PM
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I use 3 broadband with a 3G USB sim/dongle plugged into a TP -Link MR3240 3G wifi router.

The Grandstream GXP1400 Voip phone goes into an ethernet socket on the router. I also have a Linksys PAP2T Voip ATA with a cordless phone connected using
Homeplug adaptors over the mains sockets.

It all works extremely well, to the point where I have disconnected my BT line and broadband. Saves over £300 p.a.

My download speeds are routinely 6-10 Mb/s. Voice is unaffected and always clear, even without QoS.

I had similar problems with Vodaphone, but find Three 3G service very good and reliable. (I live 500 metres from a cell tower.)

Three network have their own smtp server for email at smtp-mbb.three.co.uk which works well. I pay £17 a month for 15 Gb over a 24 month contract which has now expired, leaving me with a 'grandfather' tariff which has not increased in price.

Works fine for me as my sole b/b and Voip phone connection and no outages for over a year.

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