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Bluecore is a business solutions company providing support and assistance to start up and existing businesses. We do this by bringing together all the key resources to provide support and assistance from one place, making it easier for you to start, build and grow your business.

Bluecore is proud to be partnering with SOHO66, to support our clients in this digital age, to provide reliable and easy-to-use solutions, to helps businesses bring their telecommunications into the 21st Century, enabling newfound flexibility, a smarter and more efficient working, the ability to build a professional image and crucially, significant cost savings.

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Here at Soho66, we provide communication services for startup companies, SME (Small to medium enterprises) and sole traders.

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Business Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP (VoIP) lets people make telephone calls via the internet. VoIP converts the voice signal from an ordinary telephone into a digital signal, which travels over the internet, and then converts it back. With our VoIP service customers can make and receive calls worldwide through the internet.

  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Receive calls on a UK number wherever your office is in the world
  • Get started quickly, with little or no capital outlay
  • Enable teleworking and home offices
  • Engage new technologies such as voicemail to email, fax to email and follow me technology
  • Almost every local area code available

All from just £2.99 per month

Fax to email

With our fax to email service, you can send and receive faxes using nothing but your email.

  • No need for a fax machine
  • No need for a fax line
  • Send and receive anywhere in the world
  • Almost every local area code available

All from just £2.99 per month

We also provide enterprise and carrier grade services for those larger companies that would like to work with a trusted provider.

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