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Configuring Nokia handsets to use the Soho66 VoIP service

The Soho66 VoIP service can be used by Nokia Mobile phones which have an integrated VoIP client

These are know to include: Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70, Nokia N80i and Nokia N95 at time of writing

To configure your Nokia, go to Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP settings and enter the settings below

Note that some of our customers experience difficulty with one way transmission / not being able to receive calls when using a Nokia handset behind a firewall or NAT. Setting the device to send 'keep alives' using the Nokia SIP VoIP settings client should resolve this issue. If you're unsure about this or have any other issues configuring your Nokia then please get in touch with us.

Your Soho66 VoIP Username, VoIP Password and VoIP Domain for your device can be found by clicking on the relevant number or extension in Your numbers

Phone setting 
Profile nameSoho66
Service profileIETF
Default access pointChoose from the access points that you have defined
Public user nameYour Soho66 VoIP Username
Use compressionNo
Use securityNo
> Proxy server - Do not enter proxy server details
> Registrar server
Registrar serv.addr.Your Soho66 VoIP Domain
RealmYour Soho66 VoIP Domain
User nameYour Soho66 VoIP Username
PasswordYour Soho66 VoIP Password
Transport typeUDP
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