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You can transfer all your existing telephone Irish and UK number/s to Goldfish without a break in service. This includes both traditional phone numbers or those that are already VoIP number and also fax numbers.

Single number hosting is only €5 per month to be hosted by Goldfish, with lower prices offered for multiple numbers i.e. if you are an SME with phone and fax 10 numbers, then we can host them for you for only €40 per month.

The process is also known as 'porting your number' and it is quick, simple and seamless process. The system for switching providers was recently improved in order to speed it up; now transferring your number can be completed the same day, so switching is easier than ever.

Here's how to port your number to Goldfish 

1. To be able to transfer your existing number to Goldfish, first you’ll need to sign up for an account and telephone number with us. Go to Goldfish.ie business phone numbers and click ‘Sign Up Now’. Go through the registration process (it’s not long). This will ask you to choose a telephone, but as you are keeping your existing number just pick any number, it doesn’t matter which, as you are not going to use it; this is solely to facilitate you registering. Your existing number will then be redirected to your new Goldfish.ie account (you can also use the Voip number too alongside your existing number if you wish).

2.  Please print off, complete, sign and scan the porting/transfer form. If you don’t have a scanner a photograph can often do, as long as it is readable. You can download the form here:  Goldfish Porting Form 2018 PDF


3. Then please email the completed form back to us at support@goldfish.ie, along with a copy of your existing bill or invoice from your existing provider.

4. Once the Porting Form has been submitted and verified, the porting/transfer process can be completed quikcly and will happen the same day. We will ensure there is no gap in service. As soon as we get confirmation from your existing provider of the transfer date, we’ll immediately notify you when the number is due to be transferred, so that you know when to stop using your existing telephone service and switch to Goldfish.ie.

If you have questions at all about the porting process then please call us on 015547888 or email sales@goldfish.ie


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