Support for Open-Source/Asterisk™ Community

Grandstream's product portfolio is compatible and interoperable with open-source telephony and Asterisk™ - based solutions. Grandstream actively participates in SIPit events, including open-source platforms.  Our products are interoperable with softswitches, softphones, and open-source based platforms.   We welcome the opportunity to test our interoperability with leading providers and players in the open-source and Asterisk™ communities. 

To inquire about testing an open-source application, click here.



Open-Source Configurations

» Asterisk™ Configuration for IP Phones

» Asterisk™ Configuration for GXW410x FXO IP Analog Gateways

» Asterisk™ Configuration / BLF with GXP2000

» GXW410x with trixbox

» Asterisk™ Configuration for GXV3000 IP Video Phone