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Our current service availability performance is 100% availability over the last week, 100% availability over the last month, 99.975% availability over the last 365 days. These figures are updated automatically.

What can you buy for the price of a Soho66 number?

INFOGRAPHIC: When your business telephone number costs the same or less than a range of everyday items, you know you're getting your money's worth.

Suffering from the post-holiday blues?

If those summer holidays are feeling like a distant memory, ease the blues by embracing technology allowing you to work more flexibly.

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Service affecting issue.

Would moving to the cloud work for your business?

It may be a bit of a buzz phrase, but working in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular for businesses. We take a look at just some of the reasons why.

Changes to non-geographic number charges

From July 1st onwards, Ofcom are changing the way calls to non-geographic numbers are charged.

Infographic - Understanding VoIP & its benefits

Our infographic makes understanding VoIP, how it works, the benefits to be had and more easy to follow.

Bring your business into the 21st Century with VoIP

As we edge towards more flexibility and efficiency in the workplace, we look at just some of the reasons why businesses should have switching to VoIP at the top of their priority list for 2015.
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