Nearly all websites that you visit on the internet will use cookies in order to improve the experience that you receive, by remembering you for the duration of your visit.

Cookies, amongst other things, are responsible for maintaining your logged in state to a website.  Without cookies, every time you moved to a new page on a website, it will think you are visiting for the first time and, ask you to login.  However, after logging in, it will forget you have logged in and ask you to login again!!

At Soho66 we respect your privacy, as much as you like your privacy.  Therefore, we keep the use of cookies to a bare minimum.  However, the cookies that we do set are essential and the site simply cannot work without them.  Your continued use of the website indicates that you give your consent for these cookies to be stored.

Essential Cookies

We set some essential cookies, which are required for the operation of the site. The cookies that we set, and their purpose, are detailed below:

LandingPage - If you visited our site through a link provided by one of our affiliates, then we store this in the LandingPage cookie so that, should you then decide to join us, we know who referred your business to us and, can thank them.

ASP.NET_SessionId - Soho66 use this cookie to store a unique session identifier for your browser. This is used between page loads so that we can maintain your shopping basket and, when logged in, to allow you to remain logged in during your browser session.  The ASP.NET_SessionId cookie expires as soon as your browser window is closed.

sessionIdentifier, reg, ​soho66TrackingID - These cookies are used to maintain your browser session between the main portion of our website and, the secured personal-area of our website.  These cookies are persistent but, contain no personal information.

Other cookies

In addition to the cookies that we set directly, Soho66 also use Google Analytics. This is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate use of those services and compile a report for us. Should you decide that you don't want us to use those cookies, you can set your options with Google at

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