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Affiliate Programme

Our basic reseller programme. Soho66 offers businesses the opportunity to enrol in our generous Affiliate Programme. We’ll pay you for customers that you refer to us via a unique URL that we provide you with. We’ll take care of all the billing and technical support; all you need to do is refer business to us.

Associate Programme

Our premium reseller programme. In addition to all the benefits the Affiliate programme provides, should customers you refer to us sign a contract, you will receive a percentage of their contract value, to be paid once the contract goes live and therefore adding an additional revenue stream for your business.

Value-Add Partner Programme

Our prime reseller programme. Here at Soho66 we value the opportunities partnerships can offer, specifically partners that offer supplementary services to our own. By becoming a Value-Add Partner with us, you’ll have the option of adding your own margin and any additional services for new customers. Additionally, we’ll send you leads and refer business to you who we believe would benefit from the services you provide.

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