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The most obvious, although not perhaps the most significant saving with the Soho66 business VoIP service is the saving you'll make on call costs. You should expect to achieve savings of up to 50% when measured against traditional fixed line providers or up to 25% when measured against other online providers, such as Skype™.

When making a comparison, be sure to factor in any fixed line service costs. Fixed line service providers often charge customers to gain access to preferential pricing and of course there is no line rental fees with a Soho66 VoIP service.

Cost of maintaining premise equipment

If you have your own premise equipment, such as a PBX or phone system, then you should consider the costs for purchasing this as well as supporting and upgrading it as the years go by.

With a Soho66 business VoIP account, you don't need to install any equipment locally, other than an Internet connection and a VoIP phone. Installation is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Moving or expanding?

If you want to move your office, or expand your business with a fixed line, the costs are often significant and the process of moving or porting numbers and installing new lines can take months in most cases. This becomes even more significant if you also manage your own premise equipment.

With the Soho66 business VoIP solution, you can add new locations and new phones with a simple account upgrade, often with no additional charge. Account changes take minutes, and you can have new staff and/or locations up and running within 24 business hours.

Indirect costs

We wouldn't have presented the whole picture without making reference to how Voice over IP can transform the way you do business - leading to a lower cost base / increased revenues:

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