Bringing your business telecommunications into the 21st Century with a VoIP solution doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the reliability and quality associated with legacy phone systems. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

A VoIP telephone system you can rely on

We understand you rely on your phone system to connect with your customers. Therefore, before choosing Soho66, it’s only natural that you may want to understand a bit more about our infrastructure, resilience and security.

We are a privately owned company with no venture capital investment. We own and manage our entire network infrastructure. Each of our multiple servers are built internally, and indeed our entire platform is self-built from the ground up, giving us complete knowledge and understanding of our whole system.

Our award-winning VoIP platform processes in excess of a million calls per week, from over 40,000 user accounts located across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Why do businesses choose Soho66 cloud communications?

  • Get started quickly with little to no capital outlay
  • A number for the price of a cup of coffee that is not fixed to a geographic location
  • No maintenance costs or onsite hardware needed
  • No contracts, just a monthly rolling service you can cancel whenever you wish
  • User-friendly web-based control panel to manage your entire account and phone system

A proactive approach to resilience

We employ 24/7 platform monitoring and in any given hour we monitor thousands of unique data points across our network, facilitating us to immediately detect if there’s a problem anywhere on our platform and rectify it. Our platform has self-healing technology and hardware is continually monitored, with problematic hardware immediately removed from the cluster.

Our development team has undertaken significant work on our SIP platform and IP address range. Through having our own IP address range, of which our ranges operate over BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), the result is that we aren’t reliant on any one data centre and can route traffic to any location using a single address.

This enables our SIP platform to have multiple active proxies, all on the same address at once, resulting in service interruption or downtime being minimal. This means in the event of a defect being detected on any of our proxies, the proxy in question will be pulled from action until it is resolved, while in the meantime our remaining proxies will still have the capacity to run all of our services free of disruption.

The result is that service interruption or downtime is minimal for our customers.

Multiple data centres

Our commitment to Soho66’s infrastructure is demonstrated by the heavy investment into our data centres. We operate through multiple data centres in varying locations across the UK and Ireland. Each of our centres are load balanced in a way that, firstly, allows our core platform to be more resilient, and secondly, means call quality is not affected during periods of heavy traffic.

Each centre operates failover fault tolerance through two distinct networks, both of which are fully capable of supporting our entire platform. A strategic and transparent depopulation process ensures customers’ services are unaffected during periods of maintenance.

This means when we plan maintenance work at a location all customer calls are moved to other locations, so should someone accidentally knock something they shouldn’t have it will mean no calls are dropped.

Now that we are fully-fledged RIPE NCC (Network Coordination Centre) members, it enables us to access our own IP numbering. The result of this is that we can route our traffic to any of our multiple data centres.