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Geographic independence

With a Soho66 VoIP service, you can extend your phone system to any office anywhere in the country, or even the world. All your office needs is an Internet connection.

You needn't limit yourself to a single location either, you can connect as many locations together as you want on your account at no extra charge - enabling home-working and even to virtualise your organisation. 

Using Hunt groups, you can deliver your calls to multiple locations at once, ensuring your calls get answered.

And of course, you don't have to worry about the expense and difficulty organisations find themselves in when they have to move a fixed line.

Take calls on the move

You can set up any Soho66 telephone number to forward calls to your mobile whilst you're out and about; or if you really want to take advantage of the flexibility we can deliver, you might want to consider using our Multi route service to ring your VoIP desk phone and mobile at the same time for every call - and then pick up the call on whatever device suits you.

You may also want to consider our Virtual Receptionist service, which will enable you to move from job to job and get on with important tasks undisturbed, safe in the knowledge that your calls are being taken by our professional receptionists. You choose how you want our receptionists to deal with your customers' calls and when they answer them (E.g. 'Divert all calls', 'Divert when busy', 'Divert when not answered'). You will receive the number of the caller via email, along with any message they left for you and a recording of the call itself meaning if you are out and about you will still be able to receive and view this information on your smartphone or tablet. This is an optional add-on service. To find out more, including prices, click here.

Record your calls

Using Soho66 Call Recording your business can become more flexible by having an easily searchable online archive of call recordings within your account, stored for up to six years. Recordings are limitless and are accessible regardless of where you are providing you have an Internet connection, and can give you peace of mind that if you missed an important piece of information from a phone call you can always go back and listen to it again.

This is an optional add-on feature. To find out more, including price, click here.

Route your calls

Using ​Call Director (IVR) enables you to route your calls through interactive voice menus so external customer queries can easily be connected to the correct department, saving you the time and effort of transferring calls manually.

This is an optional add-on feature. To find out more, including price, click here.

Technology Independent

With no premise equipment to install and no fixed line costs, you don't need to worry about investing in and maintaining any expensive hardware. You don't need to worry about upgrades, security patches or resilience & fault tolerance.

All you need to run your Soho66 service is an Internet connection and a VoIP telephone. We take care of the rest and maintain a resilient, fault tolerant and class leading VoIP platform for you.

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