Web Phone

We are excited to announce that we now have our own custom-made VoIP softphone.

Up until now, Soho66 services have been compatible with 3rd party applications such as 3CX Phone. This will not change; you will still be able to configure and use these applications with your Soho66 VoIP numbers. However, this got us thinking and after much deliberation, we decided to proceed and start development on our own softphone.

Our softphone is cloud based, so you will be able to access our softphone from anywhere in the world by simply going to

There, you will login using your VoIP credentials and you will then be able to make and receive calls with the use of a standard USB headset. Additionally, there is an option to download the application onto your Windows desktop should you wish to use it as a conventional softphone.  Search for 'VOIS' from the Microsoft Store and then GET our Softphone app.