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Your own 0800 number for customers to contact you. Take calls on a VoIP desk phone, softphone, VoIP app or redirect to a mobile.

Additional extensions available.
Take calls from customers calling you from a standard landline number. Take calls from customers calling you from a standard mobile number.

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Increase call volumes and customer satisfaction with 0800 numbers

These days people know that 0800 numbers are free to call, but you still see plenty of companies using standard 03 numbers or even premium 0845 numbers. This results in a low number of calls and even a loss of business.

With a 0800 number, your business has the opportunity to have a national presence without using expensive premium numbers, so your customers will have a single national point of contact without having to pay extra to call you.

You may just wish to purchase a phone number to then divert to your mobile, giving your business the perception of a large and professional organisation; if so our multiple call routing options cater for this.

VoIP versus traditional technologies

Watch our short video below to find out more about how our service compares with other telephony systems.


Benefits of an 0800 number

  • Customer friendly; your callers pay nothing to call you so they will not be put off contacting you
  • Give your business a national presence, giving customers confidence in the reputability of your business
  • No need to update telephone contact details in the event your business relocates
  • Expand your reach beyond your own region
  • Easy to divert and forward calls to your Soho66 0800 VoIP number to another destination (e.g. your mobile)
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