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Telephone Service and Numbering

Soho66 uses Voice over IP (VoIP) for telephone services and numbering. We can provide both geographical and non-geographical numbers. We offer both telephone numbers and extensions

The difference between telephone numbers and extension are that people can phone a telephone number directly. An extension number is not a telephone number. Extensions can be added to a telephone system if needed. For example a customer may have a small office with four people and one incoming telephone number. Instead of having four telephone numbers for the different people, they each have an extension number. Therefore, when customers telephone the office, they get through to the IVR which prompt them for the extension number needed. However, if the four office workers had their own telephone number, customer would be able to telephone them directly, instead of going through an IVR.

To add a new extension number, you simply need to follow the following steps:

• Go to “My Extension”
• Enter the extension number in the field, where is says extension number
• Click the OK button

Please follow the following step to subscribe to a telephone number:

• Go to “My numbers”
• Click the “Add new number” button
• Select area code
• Choose the telephone number you would like
• If you want the telephone number to be transferred directly to the same extension every time, you need to select the extension required, where is says “Deliver to”. . However,
• If you don’t want a specific extension number, please select “IVR prompt for extension”
• You can also forward the telephone number to an external number

Please proceed to Check Out, when you have added all the components needed. Thank you. (See Checkout & Payment Support Document for further information.)

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