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Set up Email to Fax (Sending faxes using email)

To send faxes using email you need to:

  1. Define at least one authorised outbound fax user
    • Go to My outbound fax users
    • Click on 'New outbound fax user'
    • Select what you want the caller id to be for your fax user. If you don't have any inbound fax numbers then you can only choose 'Hide Caller Id'.
    • Fill in the email address of your authorised sender. Note that this isn't case sensitive, so is the same as ME@MY.COM
    • Click 'Ok'. Your new user will now be added.
  2. Have added some fax/call credit to your account
    • Go to My account
    • Click on the 'Add more fax/call credit' link, in the Account Credit Details section.
    • Follow the instructions.

Once you have set up the above, you can now send faxes by sending an email from the authorised email account to the recipients fax number, with after it. For example, if you're sending a fax to 020 7123 4567 then you would use International numbers can be specified using the number you would dial from a regular BT landline. For example, if you were to send a fax to the USA, number 555 123 7654, for which you would dial 001 555 123 7654, the fax email address would be

After you have sent the e-mail containing the fax, we'll keep you informed as to how the fax transmission is in progress. We'll send you an initial e-mail to let you know that the fax has been accepted and is currently queued, then a further message to let you know if the fax transmission was successful.

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