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Configuring your VoIP handset

This article describes the settings used for Grandstream GXP1200, GXP2000, GXP2010 & GXP2020 to connect to the Soho66 VoIP service.

  • Ensure your phone is connected to the internet and power socket
  • Press the MENU button and go into the menu of the phone
  • Press arrow down to Status and press MENU button to see the IP address
  • Using a PC on the same network, type the IP address (from the screen display on the phone) in the URL of your browser
  • The default administrator password is "admin" and the default end-user password is "123"
  • Click Login
  • Choose ACCOUNT 1 in the top menu

To configure your phone via your web browser, you will need to following details:

ServerYour Soho66 VoIP Domain Setting (see below)
User nameYour Soho66 VoIP Username (see below)
PasswordYour Soho66 VoIP password (see below)
Transport typeUDP

Your Soho66 VoIP Username, VoIP Password and VoIP Domain settings for your device can be found by clicking on the relevant number or extension in Your numbers

  • Fill in "Account Name" with a meaningful name of your own choice
  • Fill in "SIP Server" using your Soho66 VoIP Domain from your number settings page on My Soho
  • Fill in "SIP User ID" and "Authenticate ID", they are both your Soho66 VoIP Username
  • Fill in "Authenticate Password" with your Soho66 VoIP password
  • Ensure SIP transport type is "UDP" and Port is "5060"
  • Under "NAT Traversal (STUN)" we recommend you tick "No, but send keep-alive" (If you are having problems with receiving inbound calls, this should solve the problem.)
  • Scroll down and select the "Update" button
  • Your configuration changes have been saved. They will take effect on next reboot.
  • Click "Reboot"

Please not that this is the minimum information required to configure your phone.

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