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Set up Email to Fax (Sending faxes using email)

To send faxes using email you need to:

  1. Define at least one authorised outbound fax user
    • Go to My outbound fax users
    • Click on 'New outbound fax user'
    • Select what you want the caller id to be for your fax user. If you don't have any inbound fax numbers then you can only choose 'Hide Caller Id'.
    • Fill in the email address of your authorised sender. Note that this isn't case sensitive, so me@my.com is the same as ME@MY.COM
    • Click 'Ok'. Your new user will now be added.
  2. Have added some fax/call credit to your account
    • Go to My account
    • Click on the 'Add more fax/call credit' link, in the Account Credit Details section.
    • Follow the instructions.

Once you have set up the above, you can now send faxes by sending an email from the authorised email account to the recipients fax number, with @fax.soho66.co.uk after it. For example, if you're sending a fax to 020 7123 4567 then you would use 02071234567@fax.soho66.co.uk. International numbers can be specified using the number you would dial from a regular BT landline. For example, if you were to send a fax to the USA, number 555 123 7654, for which you would dial 001 555 123 7654, the fax email address would be 0015551237654@fax.soho66.co.uk.

After you have sent the e-mail containing the fax, we'll keep you informed as to how the fax transmission is in progress. We'll send you an initial e-mail to let you know that the fax has been accepted and is currently queued, then a further message to let you know if the fax transmission was successful.

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