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Live availability information

Our service availability information is taken live and unedited from our 24 x 7 service monitoring system and covers all service groups including:

  • Our voice platform
  • Connectivity to our carrier services
  • Mail and fax server availability
  • Availability of our web site

Service availability over the last 7 days: 100%
Service availability over the last Month: 100%
Service availability over the last Year: 100%

Service Status

Please note that we will endeavour to keep this section as up to date as possible. Where an issue is critical, it may demand our exclusive attention and updates will be posted retrospectively.

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  • May
    [13-05-2022] Minor Network Incident

    Automated monitoring has reported packet loss to and from one of our data-centres. This location has been removed from production, and will remain out of use until a root cause analysis has been done.

  • Mar
    [21-03-2022] Minor Network Incident

    Following an unexpected power fault in one of our data-centres, customer traffic is currently being re-routed. This should not have a noticeable impact on calling or other services, and will be reversed once stability is confirmed.

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