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How faxing online can make your business more efficient

Millions of people worldwide still use fax machines for business purposes: they're secure, simple to use and a lot of people prefer them for documents which require signatures.​

However, they are bulky and take up office space, they are stationary meaning you can only send and receive faxes from one set location, and they require ongoing top-up supplies of paper and ink – which of course don't come free.

Those are just some of the reasons why businesses are turning to faxing online – or Fax to Email as it's commonly known – because you get all the benefits of a fax machine without the problems of space, cost and mobility.

Save money

In today's economic climate, many small to medium sized businesses are trying to run things as cost efficiently as they can and by removing the reliance and need for buying ink and paper, by having to print every fax you receive in order just to see what it is, you save money.

With Fax to Email the necessity to print every fax is removed because you are able to view the fax in your email inbox in pdf format, and decide from there whether it's necessary to have a print copy of it – if it isn't necessary you can leave it in your inbox and rest assured that you have an electronic copy should you need it.

Do business on the move

Laptops, tablets and smartphones all have email capabilities – and apps able to open pdf documents – so if the nature of your business means you're on the move a lot and are rarely sitting by the fax machine in the office, you can benefit by being able to receive faxes any time, anywhere making the running of your business more slick and less rigid.

Sending faxes is also possible on the move. For this you simply compose a new email and address it to the relevant service provider's business fax number, attach the relevant document and the service does the rest for you by converting the document and sending it to the number you specify.

Continuing on the issue of mobility, faxing online can even save you a lot of hassle in the event that you move office location. This is because with Fax to Email you get issued with your own, new business fax number which remains the same wherever you go.

This is not the case if you use a traditional fax machine and are moving to a different area code because you will have to obtain a new fax number; which in turn means reprinting business cards, leaflets, posters and changing details on the internet – all time consuming and costly exercises.

Avoid losing misplaced faxes

In a busy office paper hanging loosely from the printing tray can sometimes be lost if they're accidentally picked up by a colleague and subsequently misplaced, so by getting an electronic copy sent to your email account it provides you with a sort of insurance that you'll never not see a fax again in the event that something like this happens.

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