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Soho66 patched against Shellshock vulnerability

Some of our customers may be aware that last week security researchers discovered a bug, known as Shellshock or “Bash Bug”, which affected most non-Windows operating systems (for example; Linux, Unix and OSX) and potentially allowed cyber attackers to gain control over targeted computers.

As soon as we learned of the vulnerability, the Soho66 team worked to assess any potential risk, and completely patch our servers against this threat.

We can confirm that all of our equipment and servers are fully patched against the Shellshock exploit and our systems have not been compromised in any way. We will of course, continue to monitor any developments with the Shellshock vulnerability, as well as any other future security threats to ensure your data remains as safe as it is now.

Bash is a piece of software that is used to translate typed commands into actions that a computer can understand. Many websites run scripts that contain a collection of such commands to automate interaction with the underlying computer.

The Bash bug potentially allowed attackers to bypass regular security controls to insert additional unauthorized commands that could, in turn, allow the attacker to potentially steal data or gain control over a server computer or other device.

More information about the Shellshock vulnerability can be found here.

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