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Propel your business into the 21st Century in 2015 with VoIP

The working environment over a number of years has been, and still is, a changing landscape. For many businesses it's now less of a case of routine and more of a one of mobility and cost-saving.

We're all increasingly connected, we work longer and more irregular hours, and we're generally progressing towards a much more flexible working arrangement.

On top of that customers are expecting businesses to be able to meet their growing demands when it comes to customer service, which a flexible telephone system – complete with all the excellent routing features and call forwarding options – can only help businesses achieve.

But if you're unsure whether VoIP is for you, here are just some reasons why considering propelling your business into the 21st Century by joining the hordes of other businesses already moving to VoIP should be at the top of your priority list for 2015.

Cost saving potential

VoIP enables businesses to save up to 50 per cent on their bills when compared against traditional fixed line providers, as there are no line rental fees, no cost of maintaining or replacing hardware, no significant costs involved in the event of business relocation or expansion, and of course, call costs are significantly cheaper.

What's more, is the fact that calls from one VoIP phone to another is completely free – which is particularly helpful for companies with multiple locations or even those where communicating internally, when you may not be within earshot of one and other, is essential and routine.

Advanced call forwarding

Workers are increasingly working more flexibly ​and with legislation in the UK allowing workers the right to request flexible working,​ it could become even more commonplace with employees possibly wanting to work from home more or on flexitime. Therefore, having a simple, quick and effective way of deciding where and when you want calls to be routed is exceptionally useful.

VoIP enables you to route calls to any internal or external destination within a few clicks of a button. So for example, if you're out visiting clients, in a meeting, out on a job or elsewhere, you can configure your routing to make sure a call still reaches you on your mobile. You can even set your routing so that a call can ring on your mobile, and if it goes unanswered after a certain amount of seconds specified by you, it can divert to another number of someone within your organisation.

Geographical independence

With VoIP your phone system becomes flexible overnight because it can be extended or moved to anywhere you have an internet connection anywhere in the country – or even further afield.

What this effectively does is virtualise your organisation; simply unplug your phone and plug it in at its new location and you can use your phone as normal – people will be able to contact you as they normally would using the same number, and your caller ID will still present the same when you call someone.

Desk phone or softphone – it's your choice

For many of us we still like the sense of normality that having a phone sitting on our desks makes us feel, so switching to a VoIP system does not mean you have to ditch a traditional desk-top phone in favour of something software based.

However, with VoIP you are at least given the choice, so that if you think your desk phone is just cluttering up room there are a number of software phones (“softphones”) readily available for you to make and receive calls on, just as you would with a desk phone.

There are a number of smartphone applications available as well. So for example in your office you may wish to have a phone sitting on your desk, while at the same time if you spend a lot of time out of the office you can take advantage of the many apps out there to essentially turn your phone or tablet into an extension of your VoIP system, facilitating you to take your calls on the go.

Stress-free transition in the event of relocation or expansion

With a traditional PBX fixed line, the costs and hassle involved when it comes to relocating your business or expanding can be of a concern. The porting of numbers and installation of any new lines alone can take months, just adding to the stress a relocation or expansion can already cause.

With VoIP, relocating could not be easier because all that is required to be up and running in your new office is to unplug your phones and plug them into the internet connection in your new space – it really is as simple as that.

Meanwhile in the event of expanding your business, adding new locations or phones is done through a simple account upgrade which only take minutes for the changes to take effect, enabling you to have new staff or locations up and running before you know it.


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