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Small business just seeking a dedicated business number to divert?

Then look no further!

VoIP has opened up a number of different and new possibilities for businesses in need of a dedicated telephone number that offers simple and multiple call forwarding options.

It is an ideal solution for sole traders and start-ups interested in a single business number which they can divert to another destination – a mobile phone, for example.

It’s beneficial in a number of ways, allowing you to take calls on the go wherever you are, while at the same time improving the perception of your business.

Technology-free; image enhancing

No technology is needed to take advantage and once you have sought your number it’s up to you how you use it, while configuring incoming calls to ring on other destinations through your online account is very straightforward.

It’s a service that just makes sense for those who want the convenience and benefits of having a dedicated business number, without having to invest in a traditional fixed telephone line or any special technology.

You'll no longer have to use your personal number as your primary point of contact for starters, which is hugely beneficial because it means you don’t have to use any person mobile or landline numbers on marketing materials or the internet – which isn’t ideal for obvious reasons.

It’s a great way to gain a professional edge, because businesses using a mobile number as their main number risk customers making the assumption that such businesses may be new and not very well established.

On the other hand a dedicated business number gives customers the confidence they are dealing with a reputable organisation; that you have been around for a sustained period of time and are a credible company.

Feature rich

As it’s so simple to set-up you can be up and running within just minutes and ready to benefit from a host of features available with your new VoIP number.

These features are all geared towards helping you do business better, by giving you the flexibility and image-enhancing features you previously didn’t have access too.

Routing Wizard

  • Accessed via a simple online control panel, the Routing Wizard controls all of your call forwarding and diversion options.
  • It works in steps, so will begin by asking what you want to do with an incoming call in the first step; for example, you may wish to play a welcome message to callers so they know they’ve got the right company – this will work wonders for your image, giving customers the perception they’re dealing with a reputable company.
  • Each time you define a new step and save it, the wizard will ask what you want to do in the next step – it will do this until you define a step that finishes the routing, such as hang up or send to voicemail.

Time of Day Routing

  • This gives you a way to create a specific routing plan for when your business is closed, so you can control how calls are handled during these periods.
  • Simply choose your routing plan, enter your normal hours and our software does the rest for you; automatically coming into effect outside of the hours you input.
  • Choose from a number of options when a call does come in outside of your opening hours, such as play a message to a caller informing them you’re closed and when you reopen; route customers to an on-call or ‘urgent enquiries’ number; plus many other options.

Call Recording

  • Keeping an archive of call recordings can be useful for a variety of reasons; keeping records, training future staff, helpful in the event of a dispute or even just to remind yourself of details.
  • They are stored and accessed through your control panel, so they can be accessed from anywhere at any time providing you have internet access.
  • They can be stored for one or six years, and there is no limit on the number of recordings you can keep stored in your archive.

View a full range of other features available and how they can benefit your business here.

Want more information?

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