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IBISWorld predicts that the VoIP industry’s ‘industry value added’, is expected to increase yearly by 15.3%.

This comes as Infonetics Research forecasted that the combined business and residential VoIP services would grow to be worth £51.5 billion this year.

Skyhigh Networks state that a typical business utilises some 545 different cloud-based services. Amongst the top 100 services being used are Amazon Web Services, Gmail, Dropbox, iCloud and Netflix.

With cloud based services expected to increase exponentially in the coming years, it is an exciting time for both producers and users of this blossoming technology format.

However, according to a 2014 report by Six Degrees, although 52% of respondents to a survey admitted to having Cloud for things like IT hosting, less than half of those respondents had thought about shifting their telephony to the cloud.

This may come as a surprise to those already using the technology, as solutions such as VoIP, not only provides a better quality of service, but also costs much less than traditional telecommunication services.

In the infographic below, we take a look at some of the facts and figures around the rapid rise in cloud communication solutions, and discover who can benefit from the exciting opportunities presented by the emergence of cloud solutions.

The emergence of newer, more innovative cloud communication solutions has come alongside a much more developed and mature cloud technology industry, driven by the rise of SaaS and PaaS.

SaaS, or ‘Software as a Service’, is described by Paul Gil as, “when users 'rent' or borrow online software instead of actually purchasing and installing it on their own computers.” When combined with 'Platform as a Service', SaaS and PaaS form what is commonly know as Cloud Computing.

Revenues of SaaS are predicted to reach £73bn this year, with that number rising to £206bn within the next decade.

As a popular provider of cloud communication solutions, it comes as no surprise to us that there is so much investment in cloud technology being predicted.

The fact that, on average, a typical business utilises some 545 cloud-based services, is an astounding figure, and one that we believe will continue to rise as the quality of the solutions continues to increase.

If you would like to know more about what cloud telephony solutions we have to fit your business, just drop us a line on support@soho66.co.uk, or call us on 03333 443 443!


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