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Discover how to improve customer satisfaction through VoIP

Although customer satisfaction does not always guarantee customer loyalty, it can be an important factor for a number of reasons.

For starters, it’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones and so making their experience with your company as good as possible can increase their lifetime value to your business – not to mention it also increases the likelihood of positive word of mouth.

This could be something as simple as making your business more accessible, right through to how you handle customer disputes. And VoIP, through its clever calling features and capabilities, can be a real asset to your business when it comes to achieving this.

Minimise missed calls

It’s frustrating for customers if they cannot get in touch with you – not to mention you risk losing the business. Through the call forwarding options VoIP offers you can significantly reduce the risk of missing calls, even if you spend a lot of time on site or visiting clients.


You have an office but half of your time is spent away from it visiting clients. Using ‘Multi Route’ you can easily configure incoming calls to ring on your office phone and mobile at the same time, so you can pick up the call wherever you are at the time.

If it can’t be helped, handle missed calls professionally

Obviously there are occasions when missing a call simply cannot be avoided – if you’re driving for example. In this scenario the better you handle any missed calls, the more professional your business will look. Plus, by being able to customise exactly how missed calls are handled it gives you the opportunity to reflect your business image exactly as you wish.


You receive a call while you’re driving to meet a client and subsequently cannot answer. Through Voicemail to Email you can choose to set up your own personalised greeting or have one recorded via our professional voice artist, after which you will receive an email telling you who called and when, along with a recording of the customer’s message.

Give yourself the tools to easily resolve disputes

It’s never ideal if there’s a dispute with a customer, but it’s nice to work safe in the knowledge that if a dispute does arise you have the tools at hand to help you resolve it. Call Recording, with up to 6-year retention, gives you this peace of mind.


Through no fault of your own, maybe just a breakdown of communication, you find yourself in a dispute with a customer. With Call Recording’s easily searchable online archive, you can enter the customer’s number and find a log of each conversation you’ve had with them. This enables you to listen to exactly what was said and identify why the misunderstanding appears to have happened allowing you to prevent further reoccurrences.

Get your customers to the right place at the first attempt

Customers can become frustrated when they call a business and find themselves being passed from one person to the next, before their enquiry is finally dealt with. A number of VoIP calling features such as Call Transfer, Hunt Groups and IVR mean you can get a call to the right place with total ease.


You have colleagues that deal with different areas of your business and you want customers to be able to speak to the correct person at the first time of asking. By setting up an IVR menu, customers can “Press 1 for Sales; Press 2 for Customer Services”, ensuring time is not wasted transferring calls. If the caller presses no option and holds for the call to go through anyway, the attended Call Transfer feature will help you professionally get the call to the correct place.

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