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Why should you make 2017 the year you choose cloud communications?

The shift towards digital communications is increasing year on year, with the number of smartphones and connected devices expected to surpass 7 billion worldwide across 2016 in to 2017.

To put that in to perspective, it is about the equivalent of the world’s population. This shift has had, and will continue to have, increasingly bigger influences on our daily behaviour – whether it be our online, shopping or social habits.

Businesses are not immune from this, with organisations just as keen to take advantage of the technology on offer to change how they connect with customers.

Through taking measures that make your business more accessible to your market, you’re better positioning yourself to succeed, and cloud based VoIP systems that are not dependant upon onsite infrastructure offer a simpler, quicker and improved way of facilitating this.

Innovative ways of doing business

Cloud based communications offer a multitude of new and improved ways of connecting with customers and making your business more available. You no longer need to be restricted to the one location where you have a telephone line installed in order to take calls, thus reducing the chances of you missing out on new business opportunities.

Clever calling features you can employ through VoIP systems empower you or colleagues to pick up calls wherever you are – wherever the call is picked up first, it is connected to. Calls can easily be configured to be diverted to destinations other than your office location, such as your mobile, enabling you to easily take calls on the go.

You can set up failproof routing plans to ensure a call is always picked up somewhere, so if a call rings out at one destination you can simply send it to another.

Slick management of system configuration and features

Setting up and managing your system configuration is a painless task; because it is internet-based it’s all handled in your online account. This allows you to expand and modify your features at the click of a button.

Because there is no hardware or onsite equipment, you can easily make changes to your features and system settings yourself. As it’s all powered through the provider’s software, changes made in your online account are almost instantaneous rather than taking days or weeks as it might with systems tied to physical infrastructure.

Fast and hassle-free deployment

The increasing prevalence of digital technology in our lives has made us want things to be quick, flexible and simple. Cloud based communications deliver an exceptionally quick turnaround allowing you to be up and running far quicker than legacy systems, which not only take longer to install but come with the added engineering costs too.

Because you only require the internet to make and receive calls, and manage your entire system, your business instantly becomes more agile. Newfound flexibility enables you to plug-and-play phones into any location with an internet connection and takes calls just as normal, essentially extending your office to any location in the world where there is internet availability.

What’s more, you can connect multiple locations into one, simple virtual telephone network where new users can be added through simple account changes as you expand, providing you with a completely scalable business telephone solution.

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