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Utilise newer technologies to improve your business image

Confidence in small, local businesses is growing at a time when consumers are losing faith in larger corporates, a survey by Yell has found.

The findings claimed that 41% of people in the UK would be more trusting of a local business than a large corporate enterprise, with the growth in trust of smaller businesses coinciding with a decline in confidence for big business, the government and media.

The same survey also demonstrated how valuable word-of-mouth marketing is for small businesses, with 77% of respondents citing they would take the advice from a friend or relative when choosing the services of a company.

Richard Hanscott, CEO of Yell said: “While public sentiment towards established institutions such as governments, media and large corporates is at a record low, the need for reliable information in the era of ‘fake news and ‘alternative facts’ is growing. Our research shows that while trust for the traditional societal pillars is waning, local businesses are stepping up to the plate to fill this vacuum.”

“Our findings emphasise the need for local companies to understand their audience’s decision-making journey when choosing a local supplier. The influence of online word of mouth will continue to grow, and small businesses should consider the technologies and digital marketing expertise that will elevate their online and social media presence to achieve customer acquisition and retention.”

So, how can embracing modern technologies help the image of your business?

Newer technologies available to small businesses at affordable pricing and flexible terms make achieving this easier than ever before, with a variety of ways you can make your business stand out to customers.

A local number for your local business

A dedicated landline number in the area code where your business is based gives your company a permanent and established feel, whilst also negating the inconvenience of using a personal home landline or mobile number as your primary point of contact.

So in addition to a VoIP landline number solving the problem of using a personal number, it also provides significant flexibility. As they aren’t geographically tied, you can take your number with you wherever you go by physically taking your phone with you to any location with an internet connection – even if you’re abroad.

Immediately set the tone with customised greetings messages

Playing a brief introductory greeting to callers prior to the call being connected can impress customers and reinforce the perception that they’re dealing with a reputable, established business – while also immediately reassuring customers they have called the correct number.

Meanwhile, having the ability to completely customise what the greeting says and even who says it – including recording it yourself – can give your small, local business a befitting personal touch that makes customers feel comfortable with your company.

Improve customer handling

Ensuring calls are answered swiftly and by the correct person at the first attempt improves your customer service, and as a result, increases customer satisfaction.

Through a multitude of call routing options you can configure exactly which number or device a call will arrive on, even setting up calls to forward to multiple destinations simultaneously so wherever a call is picked up first it will be connected to. Prepare plans for out of ordinary hours, so during these times inbound calls to your number will automatically divert to an external device, such as your mobile.

Handle missed calls professionally

Sometimes there are occasions when missing a call can simply not be helped. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t handle the situation professionally and present your business in a positive light. This means you can prepare special ‘out of hours’ messages for when you’re on holiday, or messages for those occasions when you know there is a chance you will be unavailable or too busy to take a call.

A flexible voicemail system not only helps you capture potential missed opportunities, but also gives you another way for you to present your business exactly the way you wish. Put your own personal touch on it by recording your own greetings, or order personalised greetings from a professional voice artist.

What’s more, each voicemail with details of who called and when they called, along with the audio file attached, will be sent to the email address of your choice!

Want more information?

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