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Has the warm weather got you longing to work more flexibly?

If the hotter weather we’ve been enjoying across the UK over the past week has got you longing to be sat in the garden working from home, a modern, better telephone system is just what you need.

Flexible working initiatives are a great way to keep your employees – and yourself – happy, engaged and, crucially, productive.

This can be especially more pressing during the summer months and are a great way to boost staff morale. A flexible telephone system that affords your business this option ensures that you and your staff can remain highly productive on the go, doing business as normal even outside of the office environment.

Complete geographic independence

A VoIP phone system is not tied to a fixed location. Unlike legacy systems which run through onsite hardware, VoIP enables you to make and receive calls through just an internet connection.

What this means is that you can physically take a VoIP phone with you to any location you are able to plug it into the internet, and place and receive calls just as normal as you would at the office.

Your customers will be none the wiser as your number is virtual ‘in the cloud’, meaning it will stay the same so you can continue to conduct business professionally even if you’re sat at home with your shorts on.

Simple, effective call forwarding options

If you don’t use a VoIP phone to make and receive your calls, or you simply don’t want to start getting under desks and unplugging things to take home with you, you’re covered in a range of other ways.

Thanks to a magnitude of smart call forwarding options you can very easily configure calls to automatically divert to your mobile, or indeed any other external destination.

Best of all, it’s simply set up through an online routing wizard. This conveniently means you don’t even have to go into the office to put your routing plan in place if you wake up and decide to work from home on any given day – just log in to your account from home and configure your routing plan to forward calls to your mobile number.

Multiple routing capabilities

In addition to forwarding calls to your mobile, if there are other staff within your organisation – either also working flexibly from home or at the office – create a plan that reduces the chances of missing a call altogether.

You can achieve this because you aren’t limited in how many internal or external destinations you instruct the routing plan to divert calls to. This means you can configure calls to be diverted to both yourself and your employees or colleagues.

What’s more, you can specify whether calls ring simultaneously on your device and your colleagues’ phones so the call will be connected wherever it is first picked up, or you can choose to move on to another destination if a call is not first picked up by another destination after ‘x’ amount of seconds of ringing.

Cover yourself in the event of a call being missed through voicemail to email

Even taking all of the above into account, with your multiple routing plans that help you dramatically reduce the chances of a missed call, there are occasions when missing one is simply unavoidable.

Maybe you’ve had to pop to the toilet and your colleague, also working from home, is already on a call. Whatever it may be, taking advantage of a smart voicemail facility means you can present a professional image to customers, playing a personalised greeting of your choice and inviting them to leave a message so you can get back to them as soon as possible.

You can then retrieve messages left for you in a number of ways: either on your handset or mobile device, in your online account management portal, and also in your emails. This allows you to capture details of the call and a recording of their message at any time and any place where is convenient for you.

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