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Avoid being disturbed from day-to-day activities through inbound call filtering

Receiving nuisance calls to your personal telephone can be annoying, but receiving them to your business line can actually be a hindrance and slow you down during the day-to-day running of your organisation.

Using the completely free Soho66 Inbound Call Filtering facility, you can take control yourself by simply inputting any number that you wish to block from contacting you. You can also block anonymous calls from reaching any number you have on your account by choosing to “Allow” or “Block” on all or selected numbers.

What’s more, it is all easily managed online in your control panel. So, whether you’re in the office or out on site, you can have that tiresome nuisance caller blocked from contacting you again in just minutes.

1. Access the Control Panel

Log into your Soho66 account, and select 'My Numbers'. From here, click on the number that you would like to set to forward to your mobile phone.

2. Open Inbound Call Filtering

Scroll down your dashboard and find the tool on the left-hand side. On opening it you will be able to effortlessly block numbers and prevent anonymous callers from reaching you.

3. Blocking telephone numbers

The blocked telephone numbers column is found on the left-hand side. To block a number just input the number in question into the “Add Number” box and click “Add New”. Any blocked caller will be played a message which informs them that the number they have dialled is not accepting calls – it will apply to all numbers on your account.

4. Filtering anonymous callers

In the right-hand column is where you block anonymous callers from reaching you on any number on your account. The numbers on your account will automatically populate here, and you can simply select the “Allow”/“Block” drop-down option on your desired number(s) to prevent anonymous callers from getting through to them. Callers will hear a message informing them the number does not accept anonymous calls.

5. Filtering blocked numbers and your DDI’s

This is useful if you have either a long list of blocked numbers or multiple numbers on your Soho66 account. It lets you easily pinpoint a specific number should you wish to remove it from your blocked list, or if you want to change the anonymous filter settings on any of your Soho66 numbers.

It really is as simple as that!

Want more information?

Contact Support for more information on any of the features highlighted in this article.

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