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5 reasons a multi-site business should choose VoIP

Whether you’re a small business, an SME or large enterprise, if you have staff sprawled across multiple locations, connecting your telecoms in to one, single and easy to manage virtual network can offer a range of benefits to your organisation.

From significant cost-savings to working arrangement advantages, adopting a system that requires no onsite hardware to run and is simply managed in the cloud means you can completely streamline your operations.

We look at just 5 of the reasons any sized multi-site business can benefit from VoIP technology.

Call colleagues at will, free of charge

Need to make a quick call to check on something with a colleague, or hold a mini telephone conference among a few of your staff? What better way to do it, than completely free of charge?

VoIP allows you to make as many calls as you want back and forth between colleagues if they’re on the same VoIP network, without it costing you a penny.

You don’t even have to be in the same area code – or even country. Providing you call another number or extension on the same VoIP network as you, even if you’re in Glasgow and a colleague is in Madrid, you are free (literally) to do so at will.

Ideal for flexible schedules

If your staff frequently work without actually being in the office, VoIP offers great value and advantages to your staff and wider organisation.

VoIP complements other cloud based programs that allow staff to share documents and so on, giving them a quick and simple telephone point of contact so in addition to sharing work and files remotely, they can easily keep in touch by picking up the phone – regardless of where they are.

Whilst there are multiple call forwarding options available (covered further down), staff can just as easily unplug their phone and take it with them, allowing them to work from home no different to what they would in the office.

Gain complete geographic independence

Staff can easily visit or be sent to multiple locations at short notice, without it affecting how they carry out day-to-day duties and without it requiring any legwork if you want them to still be available at the end of a phone.

From the perspective of your wider business, it means if the time comes where you wish to move office location or create one, large office hub that will unite all your locations, you can do so hassle-free and without any expensive infrastructure investment.

Your new location would simply require an internet connection to run your VoIP system, so there would be no significant delays or expense involved in having traditional telephone lines and infrastructure installed.

Configure clever call diversions, all set-up and managed online

Whilst unplugging your VoIP phone and taking it with you is great for working flexibly at home or another office-based location, the multiple call forwarding options VoIP offers means staff frequently out and about or travelling to visit clients can also just as easily stay connected.

Calls can be forwarded one after the other or simultaneously to an unlimited choice of landline or mobile destinations, easily covering you to maximise the chances of calls being picked up.

What’s more, it’s all managed entirely in your online account. Therefore, if your workers’ flexible schedules can change quickly or unexpectedly, simply log in online and change your routing to suit your needs.

Easily expand in to new locations as your business grows

With ambitions to expand in to new locations as your business grows, if you use a traditional line rental based phone system you could be forgiven for considering the cost implications when it comes to installation, setup fees and long contracts.

However, VoIP completely removes these headaches: there are no setup fees, no lines to install and no engineers required to fit any equipment. Simply set up your numbers and account online and plug your phones in to the internet – set up could not be quicker and more convenient!

Your office can truly be extended to any location in the country or even the world, for a fraction of the cost and inconvenience compared against legacy systems.

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