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Benefit from low call costs when you ring the USA regardless if it's landline or mobile

Here at Soho66 we offer some very low call costs to multiple international destinations – and the USA is no exception.

Our customers can ring any number in the mainland US for only 0.9p per minute.

That applies to all mobiles or landlines and at all times, including peak hours. The telephone market in the USA doesn't differentiate between mobiles (cellphones) or landlines and subsequently there is no peak or off-peak, so you can actually call the mainland USA at a cheaper rate than you can call UK landlines!

The only difference is that a small connection fee, also of 0.9p, is charged per call.

However, it's important to note Hawaii and Alaska buck the trend, with charges for these destinations at a slightly higher rate – but still great value.

Without further ado our call charges to the USA can be found below:

Prefix Description Peak/
Off peak/
1 Mainland USA 0.9p 0.9p 0.9p
1808 Hawaii 1.7p 1.7p 1.7p
1907 Alaska 2.1p 2.1p 2.1p

Want more information?

Visit here for full details on all of our call charges, both domestically and internationally. Alternatively, contact Support to speak to our team directly.

  • Tel: 03333 443 443
  • Email: support@soho66.co.uk

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