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Save time and money travelling to meetings by teleconferencing instead

Face-to-face business meetings whether it be with colleagues, partners or clients are part and parcel of business life. They’re great, and in some cases essential, for seeing where you’re at and planning a way forward to get things done.

However, there are occasions when it might not be completely necessary or suitable. For example, you may be swamped with your workload and can do without an afternoon out the office, or your client may be based half way across the country – perhaps even further afield.

In such instances it can be far more suitable and far less costly to hold your meeting without even leaving your desk, and connecting as many participants as needs be through a telephone conferencing facility.

With a dedicated teleconferencing service you can do this easily, cost-effectively and at yours and your desired collaborators’ convenience.

How does it work?

A small monthly fee no more than the price of a cup of coffee is all it costs to subscribe to the service. This gives you unlimited conference call facilities, with all you paying for in addition to this is for the call. Your participants simply dial-in, and as the service is contract-free, you aren’t tied into it for any longer than you wish to be.

In-keeping with the nature of VoIP, it’s all very simple:

  • We give you and your colleagues a room number to dial-in to with an organiser PIN
  • We give you a participant PIN, which you can change at any time
  • You can then give the relevant dial-in number to your desired participants, which they can dial-in to from their own phone

The benefits for you, your team and your participants

VoIP technology facilitates you to carry out those important meetings at extra convenience and spontaneity, but reduced cost and hassle than ever before.

Save time and money on travel

What can sometimes be resolved through a quick or semi-quick teleconference consultation can turn into hours taken up by travelling to and from your meetings – perhaps even days if it’s overseas.

Hold a conference from anywhere

As it’s powered by VoIP, the very nature means you can use the system from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection – just plug it in to the router and you’re ready to go; making and receiving calls as normal just like you would in your ordinary place of work.

Be connected to participants situated anywhere

As VoIP teleconferencing works through allowing participants to dial-in using a number you give to them, they can join your conference regardless of where they’re situated by simply dialling in from their phone.

Want more information?

Contact Support for more information on any of the features highlighted in this article.

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  • Email: support@soho66.co.uk

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