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Let VoIP take the stress out of strikes by allowing you to work remotely

If you’re one of the thousands of commuters that could be affected by the Southern Rail, Merseyrail, Arriva Rail North, Greater Anglia and London Underground strikes this week, and you use Soho66, we want to help you reduce your disruption.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union at Southern are set to walk out for 24 hours on Tuesday and Thursday, in a row over staffing and driver only trains.

Meanwhile, members of the drivers’ union Aslef on the London Underground will strike on Thursday in a row over working conditions.

However, as a customer of Soho66 there are plenty of measures you can take advantage of that will allow you and/or your staff to work more flexibly so the impact on your business is minimal.

Use your VoIP phone from home

If you’re already planning on missing the chaos by avoiding the office completely and working from home, you could always just take your phone with you when you leave work the day before.

This will allow you to simply plug your phone in to your internet connection at home and make and receive calls no differently to if you were in the office. With no configuration needed, the only thing you’ll have to think about is remembering a bag to carry it in!

Make and receive calls through your computer

Choose to make and receive calls through your PC, laptop or Mac if taking your VoIP phone home with you is not convenient.

Through a number of softphone applications that you can very easily download and configure on your computer, you can handle calls on your screen just as you would using a program such as Skype.

Forward calls to your mobile

Utilise a multitude of call forwarding options so you can cover just about any scenario that will help your business capture each call.

Any call that rings on your Soho66 number can be forwarded to any destination you like, including (but not limited to) your mobile device. With the flexibility of the forwarding system, you can create multiple rules to lessen the chances of calls being missed. For example, choose whether you want all calls forwarded, or only those not answered after ‘x’ seconds.

Set up Hunt Groups between you and your colleagues

Using any of the forwarding options above you can take advantage of Hunt Groups, which will increase the chances of a call being picked up rather than missed across your whole organisation.

This includes over multiple locations, so anyone defined in your configured Hunt Group can answer a call whether they’re in the office, working from home, or anywhere else in the world with the internet. This means a call can ring on yours and your colleagues VoIP phones simultaneously, and wherever the call is first picked up, it gets connected to.

Want more information?

Contact Support for more information on any of the features highlighted in this article.

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  • Email: support@soho66.co.uk

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