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VoIP lets you make/receive calls on your mobile – even if your network is down

One of key benefits of a virtual number is that you can easily forward calls that come in to it on to another destination, such as your mobile.

Doing so gives you the flexibility to take calls wherever you are, reducing the chances of missed calls and potential missed business when you’re away from the office.

But, what on those rare occasions when your network operator has an outage? For example, just last week EE had a major outage which prevented their customers across the UK from making or receiving calls.

In such circumstances, as we found out, this can also affect VoIP users from receiving calls on their mobiles that they’re diverting using VoIP – despite it being through no fault at all of the VoIP provider.

However, you can get around it and create a backup plan through using your VoIP service. That is by installing a softphone on your smartphone device.

By installing one of these apps on your mobile you are able to link your VoIP service to your mobile phone, letting you receive (and make) calls through the app using WiFi – providing you’re not using the WiFi belonging to the operator in question should that too be affected.

There are various smartphone apps we recommend to customers, which we have listed at the bottom of this article. Meanwhile, in addition to finding a work around in those rare instances your mobile network operator suffers an issue, there are other advantages you can gain too.

Enjoy the flexibility of taking calls from anywhere at no cost

Ordinarily, forwarding calls to your mobile without using a softphone app incurs a small standard rate charge. However, by downloading a softphone on your mobile you can have calls delivered to you at no cost. This is because you will be using the WiFi connection or data allowance on your mobile, effectively the same way Skype or WhatsApp voice calls are able to connect on your mobile.

Allows you to make outbound calls benefiting from VoIP’s low call rates

While VoIP offers many advantages for receiving calls on your mobile with or without use of a softphone app, you won’t be able to make outbound calls through your VoIP provider’s network on your mobile device unless you download a softphone app – otherwise you’ll simply be using your mobile operator’s network. This is fine if you have a good minutes’ bundle, but if not, making calls through a VoIP softphone could save you significant sums on your outbound calls.

Allows you to utilise the intelligent business grade features VoIP offers

As the softphone apps we recommend support essential features, you can take advantage of many of the standard business grade calling features a VoIP phone handset offers, including Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Conference Calling, Music On Hold, Call Recording and Voicemail. This provides you with powerful capabilities right from your pocket.

No hardware needed

You needn’t concern yourself with any additional hardware or special equipment, as all you need is the mobile phone you’ve already got with access to WiFi or data and the Google Play or Apple iTunes store.

Softphone apps we recommend for your smartphone

  • Grandstream Wave for Android and iOS
  • Acrobits for iOS
  • CSIPSimple for Android

Want more information?

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  • Email: support@soho66.co.uk

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