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Forwarding to a Mobile or Landline: A Step by Step Guide

Getting Started

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that you have credit available on your account, as forwarding to landlines and mobiles are charged at standard rates. Alternatively, you can sign up to pay by Direct Debit which you can set up in your online Control Panel.

Another option available to you that allows you to forward calls to your mobile at no extra charge, is to forward them via one of the smartphone applications we recommend. In order for this to work you must have your number set-up on the app. You can see a list of apps we recommend for Apple and Android devices, with configuration guides here.

Forwarding your Soho66 number to a mobile phone (or landline) couldn't be easier. Whether you want the number to forward at all times, or just during pre-configured circumstances, simply follow the simple steps below:

1. Visit the Control Panel

Log into your Soho66 account, and select 'My Numbers'. From here, click on the number that you would like to set to forward to your mobile phone.

2. Select the Routing Wizard

When on your number page, click on the green 'Routing Wizard' box. From here, you can set how inbound calls are handled.


3. Send calls to an external destination

Selecting this option is what you will need to do to set up calls to be routed to a combination of one or many mobile (or landline) numbers.

4. Enter your phone number

In the second box down, enter the number of the destination you wish calls to your Soho66 number to be forwarded to. So, if this is your mobile device, enter your mobile number.

5. Choose any advanced settings

The advanced settings let you enable features such as playing music to callers while the call is connected instead of a ringing tone; playing a ‘whisper’ message to yourself so you know which line a call has arrived on; call delivery assurance to maximise the chances of a call being answered by a real person and not an answer machine, and; advanced timing that will automatically initiate a particular routing step.

6. Choose the second step or finish

To complete any routing plan you must finish by selecting “Finish by sending the call to voicemail” or “Finish by hanging up without going to voicemail”. Alternatively, you can set up another other steps if you so wish and then finish the routing plan.

Want more information?

Contact Support for more information on any of the features highlighted in this article.

  • Tel: 03333 443 443
  • Email: support@soho66.co.uk
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