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The brainchild of co-founder TV Entrepreneur and Business Expert Marsha Wright; Tycoon Inc is a production and broadcast media company who have revolutionised how small to medium sized companies market their products and services.

We interviewed Tycoon Inc co-founder, Marsha Wright, to find out what she thought about the service.

Why did Tycoon Inc choose Soho66?

Tycoon Inc had been using VoIP for some time, with a number of different companies, each providing one aspect of the service they needed.

Quality was an issue for the us with our existing providers and we really wanted to find someone who could provide all the features and functionality we needed. We didn’t want to have dropped calls or sound like robots when we were talking to clients and we needed to make sure that it was of good quality.

Price was an issue for the customer as well. They had been using Vonage as their main provider, but were finding that it was proving very expensive as their business was growing.

With Vonage, we were paying £5.99 a month for every line. This was tolerable at first for a single line, but as soon as we started to scale, it started to prove very expensive. 

How easy was it for Tycoon Inc to set up their account?

When they set up their account, Tycoon Inc were already using 0845 numbers with their existing provider.

We only had non-geographic 08 numbers previously as we weren’t able to have an 0207 number with our previous provider. When we first spoke to Soho66, you recommended that we have an 0207 number rather than an 0845 number – so when we call out, those called would see a local number and be more likely to answer. I was concerned at first, but that has worked fantastically for us
The routing wizard is brilliant for us, for example, If someone calls, we play a message introducing them or welcoming them to our company then we route the call to our office, or our external answering team and then if it rings for too long we can ring another number or couple of numbers at the same time.

How Tycoon Inc use the service?

Tycoon Inc operate out of a central office in Wembley. In addition to this, they have a number of other smaller, satellite offices, that staff may work from and many of their staff and directors work from home on a routine basis.

We have about ten numbers that we use for the team. I work from home, as does my business partner and husband, Steve. We have one partner in East London, we’re in West London, we have a partner in Surrey, our office in Wembley and our answering service.
Being able to dial someone’s extension, or tranfer a call, office to office, free of charge, is just brilliant and exactly what we need

In order to deliver calls to the right person in their organisation, Tycoon Inc take advantage of a number of key features. Our whisper function allows you to define a short recording to be played to the called party as the call is connected, so that they know which line the call has come in on

We use the whisper feature, so that our teams know as we have a lot of different numbers and doing marketing campaigns to see how they’ve gone.

Tycoon Inc use our audio messaging in their route plans in a unique and innovative manner:

We’ve been using it in recruitment. We would advertise a specific recruitment line. Instead of all those calls coming through directly to a person, we have recorded a 1 or 2 minute message which we play to the caller before connecting them, explaining the job description, so that when the call is connected, the caller already knows exactly what they are applying for and what salary etc.

How can we improve our service & product?

Ability to record phones calls, for us, would be a massive step forward. Particularly with our accounts department, we want to be able to verify what had been agreed on a call.

We are currently in the process of developing a service enhancement to allow customers to record calls on demand and expect this to be available in Summer 2010

And finally.. What do think of the overall service?

What I really love about Soho66 compared to other companies, the big thing for me is: In the areas where I think you guys need to improve, the next time I look, you’ve already added it to the service and you’re not charging us any more to get access to those new additions.
We have done better having Soho66 in place, simple as. I wouldn’t replace it – it’s something that I’m very happy with. I really hope that as you continue to grow that you manage to keep people in the team who are as passionate about the service as you guys are

How to contact Tycoon Inc;

You can get in touch with Tycoon Inc on the web at or by calling them on 0207 1 830 930