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What is the minimum term of contract?

No minimum term

At Soho66 we provide great services at very good value for money. When customers cancel  our service, it's typically because they no longer require the service. We do not, consequently have any fixed term of contract. You can keep a service from us for as little as a month or for as long as you want.

If you choose to pay quarterly or annually

We offer payment options of quarterly or annually in addition to our monthly payment option on some services

if you've paid in advance for a service that you cancel before the end of quarter or year, then we'll refund the number of whole months left of your service pro-rate with your original payment. You should request this when cancelling a service by sending us an email. 

Promotional items

Occasionally, when we run a promotion of some sort (such as first month free), we may require that you keep the service for a number of months following your sign up. This is typically a small number of months and is very much the exception to the rule. We will always inform you during your sign up when this is the case.

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