The Gigaset DX800A all in one is the professional multi-line desktop phone for small offices and home offices. From its comfortably modern design to its large 3.5" TFT colour display, this corded desk phone has executive chic with business-like functionality to match. Being a hybrid phone means the Gigaset DX800A all in one is truly flexible and can be configured to either IP with ISDN, or IP with fixed line. Being a multi-line telephone means it supports up to 4 calls in parallel; ideal for busy environments. If you ever need to expand your horizons; the DX800A acts as a DECT base station with the ability to connect up to 6 handsets.
£162.42 ex VAT
£194.90 inc VAT. Volume discount available: 5+ @ £157.65 10+ @ £153.14

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  • Multi-line desktop phone: fixed, IP and ISDN line
  • Large TFT colour display and exceptional HD sound
  • Address book with 1000 up to vCard entries on internal memory:
    vCard entries: first and last name, company, job title, 8 phone numbers, photo, email, website, address, birthday, note, time zone
  • Up to 4 parallel calls (3 VoIP and 1 fixed line, 2 VoIP and 2 ISDN lines, or up to 4 VoIP lines)
  • Up to 6 handsets
  • Up to 6 SIP accounts
  • Three answering machines - ideal for SOHOs up to 55 min
  • Best quality handsfree
  • Link2mobileTM: make and receive mobile phone calls from the DX800A via Bluetooth® connection to the mobile phone
  • Energy-saving ECO features
  • DECT repeater enabled, by adding a Gigaset Repeater you can extend the DECT range (Up to 6 can be added)
  • Please note the A58H, C300H and E500H handsets have limited compatibility with the DX800A. This means that only basic features such as making and receiving calls will be avaliable when using these handsets.


  • Integrated DECT Base station

  • 1 fixed line-port for external connections to PSTN or ISDN (2 B-channels)

  • Fax connection

  • 2 Ethernet ports

  • A maximum of 6 handsets can be connected

  • Measurements of desktop telephone:
    108 mm (H) x 263 mm (B) x 168 mm (L)

  • DX800A (base station without receiver) 631 g

  • Receiver (with integrated weight) 147 g

  • iP functions

  • Up to 4 VoIP calls simultaneously

  • Block-calling and (simulated) “step-by-step dialling“ for all calls

  • Multiline up to 6 SIP accounts:

  • Configure up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers

    • Assign telephone numbers to individual handsets
      (sending & receiving in a specific direction)
    • VoIP support (embedded SIP VoIP, G711, G722, G726 and G729AB)


  • Quality of Service*: ToS, Diffserv (dependant on country, network and provider)

  • Use of router via LAN connection

  • VoIP supplementary services (controlled unit):

    • Conferencing, hold setting / exchanging, forwarding of calls


  • Auto provisioning via MAC address (TR069) or code for auto configuration including SIP username and password (upon request)

  • Simple selection of provider profiles through gS

  • System configuration via WEB Server

  • Provider profile configuration via WEB Server

  • VoIP service:

    • Free calls between Gigaset-VoIP-telephones
    • Zero Configuration

    • directory


  • Future-proof SW architecture

  • Linux-based operating system

  • Large 32 Mbyte Flash Memory with automatic update option

  • Possibility to update software in the future for new applications such as open source

  • Multiline system (analogue / ISDN + VoIP * 1a) * 1b)) allows:

    • Line selection for every call via the function key on the telephone desktop or on a handset via the menu selection (alternatively: standard line-type)


  • Fixed network administrator functions

  • Supplementary services supported (provider functions)

    • Via programmable key and menu (e.g. automatic call-back, call forwarding)
    • By using the R-key, *-key and #-key


  • Configurable key that can be designated as „Call by Call“ key with specific provider telephone numbers in production