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Forwarding calls to a Landline or Mobile

Forwarding to a Mobile or Landline: A Step by Step Guide

Firstly, you'll need to make sure that you have credit available on your account. Alternatively, sign up to pay by Direct Debit via your control panel.

Log into your Soho66 acount, and select 'My Numbers'. From here, click on the number that you would like to set to forward to either your landline or mobile phone.

1. Select the Routing Wizard

When on your number page, click on the green 'Routing Wizard' box. From here, you can set how inbound calls to this number are addressed.

2. Send calls to an external destination

You'll be presented with various routing options. To forward calls to an external number (mobile or landline), please choose 'Send the call to one or more internal/external destinations.'

3. Enter your phone number

Enter one or more numbers that should ring when someone dials your Soho66 number. Enter either a mobile or landline number- each number should be on a new line.

4. Choose any advanced settings

Set music whilst ringing, call delivery assurance and any other advanced features. If you're unsure what these mean, or how to use them, explore the features included in your account.

5. Choose the second step or finish

Decide what happens if a call goes unanswered. Choose to forward it to voicemail, to a different number, or various other options. If you simply want unanswered calls to be sent to your voicemail, click 'Finish.'

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