Feature Setup
Using Voicemail

Accessing your voicemail

You can access your voicemail from an IP phone connected to Soho66 over VoIP by dialling 8000. This will take you to the main voicemail menu. No PIN is required in this case, as the device is already authenticated.

To access your voicemail externally, you need to dial the external telephone number of your business extension. Let it ring to voicemail and then press the star (*) key. You will be prompted for your PIN number. The default PIN will be emailed to you once you have signed up for you number. If you have forgotten this, please contact Support.

You can change your PIN number in the Mailbox options menu (item 0) of your voicemail menu. See below:

Changing your voicemail greeting

Access your voicemail as described above and then choose option 0 followed by option 4 (record your unavailable message). You should then be prompted to re-record your greeting.

Sending calls to voicemail

In order to send a call to voicemail, no special configuration or settings are needed on your phone. Simply choose the “send call to voicemail” step in the Routing Wizard for your number.

For example, you might set your routing up like this: 'Send the call to my IP phone for 30 seconds, and then if busy or no answer, go to voicemail'. So if your phone is busy, or you don't answer after 30 seconds, or you click reject on your phone, the call will go to voicemail.

Voicemail to email

If you've set the email account on your number for voicemail then we'll also deliver your voicemail by email too as a .wav (wave file) attachment.

The voicemail menu

The voicemail menu allows you to perform a number of tasks in addition to listening to new messages. This menu is accessible as described above. The menu structure is defined below:

+-1 Read voicemail messages
| +-3 Advanced options
| | +-1 Reply
| | +-2 Call back(1)
| | +-3 Envelope
| | +-4 Outgoing call(1)
| | +-5 Send Message
| +-4 Play previous message
| +-5 Repeat current message
| +-6 Play next message
| +-7 Delete current message
| +-8 Forward message to another mailbox
| | +-1 Use Voicemailnumber
| +-9 Save message in a folder
| | +-0 Save in new Messages
| | +-1 Save in old Messages
| | +-2 Save in Work Messages
| | +-3 Save in Family Messages
| | +-4 Save in Friends Messages
| | +-* Help; during msg playback: Rewind
| | +-# Exit; during msg playback: Skip forward
+-2 Change folders
| +-0 Switch to new Messages
| +-1 Switch to old Messages
| +-2 Switch to Work Messages
| +-3 Switch to Family Messages
| +-4 Switch to Friends Messages
+-3 Advanced Options
| +-5 Send Message
| | +-1 Use Voicemailnumber
+-0 Mailbox options
| +-3 Record your name
| +-4 Record your unavailable message
| | +-1 Record your unavailable message
| | +-2 Erase your unavailable message (going back to the standard message)
| +-5 Change your password
| +-* Return to the main menu
+-* Help
+-# Exit
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