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Sign up nowConvert your existing phone

If you want to receive calls over the internet using an existing, non-IP phone, then you can simply invest in one of our VoIP converters. Once you have a converter, you'll need to:

  • Plug it into your home or office broadband router or network
  • Plug in your existing analogue telephone
  • Configure your converter with your Soho66 user details

Then, you're ready to make and receive calls.


  • No cost to have calls delivered to you
  • Get access to all our features (call waiting, transfer, conference, music on hold etc.)
  • Take advantage of our superb outbound call rates with UK landline calls at 1p per minute
  • Protect some of your existing investment


  • You need a broadband or internet connection
  • You have to buy a device
  • Setup required
  • Features are more difficult to use as they often require special key combinations on your phone, where a dedicated IP phone will have access buttons for features.