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If you feel you spend too much time transferring customer calls between different departments, or you simply want to appear bigger, you can use Call Director, commonly referred to as IVR, to remove this need and increase productivity.

IVR ensures customers who call your number must first specify which department they would like to speak to (E.g. "For sales, press one") before automatically being connected to someone.

You get to choose how simple or detailed your menus are as our Call Director allows unlimited levels, ensuring that your customers will be satisfied that they're getting put directly through to the relevant person and avoid feeling like they're being passed from department to department.

You choose which prompts you would like to assign to which keypad buttons, while you can also pick from our range of professional prompts or record your own.

This feature is also great to use to present a professional image to your customers; making your organisation appear larger than it actually may be.

This is an optional add-on feature. To find out more, including price, click here.

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