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Having an archive of call recordings can help your business in a number of ways: they can be used in staff training, they're useful for keeping records and they can be extremely helpful to have at hand in the event of resolving a dispute.

With Soho66 Call Recording you have the luxury of being able to make and receive calls safe in the knowledge that they're recorded and stored within your account with us for up to six years – and are easily accessed via your Control Panel.

This means regardless of where you are, you will be able to access your call recordings – all you need is an Internet connection so you can log in to your Soho66 account.

There is no limit on the number of recordings allowed in your archive and they will automatically be stored after a call has ended, while you control whether you want all calls to be recorded or just specific calls (E.g. incoming calls or outgoing calls). You can also search for specific recordings by the caller or recipient number, the month of the call or the extension number.

This is a great feature if you make a lot of important phone calls and want to have the peace of mind that you have recordings available should you need them, and can be extremely convenient to have at hand in the event that, for example, you need to settle a dispute or want to double check an important meeting time.

This is an optional add-on feature. To find out more, including price, click here.

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