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Multi user Business VoIP

VoIP for
VoIP for
VoIP for
Maximum number of connected VoIP phones 5 10 unlimited
Inbound telephone numbers provided
Number of Hunt Groups included [?] unlimited unlimited unlimited
Voicemail boxes and Voicemail to Email [?] 5 10 unlimited
Call forwarding [?] included3
Calls to UK landlines
1p / 0.5p
Calls to Ireland mobiles (peak/off peak per min) 14.5 cent / 10 cent
Calls to UK Landlines (peak/off peak per min) 1.5 cent / 1 cent
Calls to UK mobiles from (peak / offpeak per min) 8.5p / 8p
Further information 1Additional phone numbers available (see additional section options below)
3 Call forwarding charges will apply at our standard outbound rates
Payment by Direct Debit in arrears or by Credit/Debit card on pre-pay


per month


per month


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per monthAvailable inclusive calls plans

Unlimited UK landline calls
Unlimited UK landline calls + 200 UK mobile mins
Unlimited UK landline calls + 500 UK mobile mins

per monthAdditional options

Include 5 inbound telephone numbers +£4
Include 10 inbound telephone numbers +£10

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